I have a problem with swelling in my throat. It's gotten where sometimes it affects my speech. Doc says its allergies but tried nasal irr no effect?

Other options. Allergies may cause the sensation in your throat you have just described. Nasal irrigations are great but not the only way to treat those. Avoidance of known allergens (allergy testing may be needed) and anti-allergy meds can be very helpful in alleviating your problem. Other possible issues could be acid reflux and/or some nerve problems. Discuss with your doc or seek second opinion.
Speech problem. Swollen throat with affected speech is a problem related to your voice box. May be the laryngitis. Cepacol mouth wash gargle four times a day may bring some relief. However if you have fever or difficulty with or without pain or any bumpy lymph node, then antibiotic by your doctor and referral to ENT specialist for oropharyngolaryngospy. Hope you feel better. Good luck.