Is mastectomy a very common procedure?

All too common! Mastectomy offers no increased chance for cure over lumpectomy; however, mastectomy is necessary/preferred in certain situations: multicentric cancer that grows throughout the breast; women who have the hereditary (brca+)type of ca; women who cannot have radiation therapy (which must be included with lumpectomy for rx).For those that require mastectomy, reconstruction is often an excellent option.
For a breast surgeon. It is still common for more advanced breast cancer. With any surgical procedure, you want to seek out a surgeon who is skilled in the procedure you require. Ask your surgeon directly about his/her experience, and about your different treatment options for your problem.
Unfortunately. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women. Mastectomy or lumpectomy are the two most common forms of treatment. It may be possible to have a breast reconstruction either at the time of the mastectomy or once chemo and radiation have been completed. Be sure to discuss this option with your surgeon.
Yes. In the United States - 60-75% of patients receive a lumpectomy for breast cancer, but 25-40% are treated with mastectomy.Reasons are size of the tumor, multiple breast tumors, or patient preference (and more and more women opt to have both breasts removed - especially if reconstructed). Although mastectomy may be needed - always consider a second opinion (surgical oncologist or breast specialist).
Unfortunately yes. Unfortunately this is a common procedure as some data suggest a lifetime risk of 1 in 9 women (some say 1 in 8) developing breast carcinoma. Although many of these can be performed with tissue sparing techniques (lumpectomy), extensive or diffuse disease may still require mastectomy. Fortunately there are many reconstructiive options.