Is liposuction a very common procedure?

Liposuction. It depends, since this procedure is usually cosmetic and and the economy is not great-i would think it is more likely done in communities that are upper middle class and upper class communities.That said, it relatively common. It is important that a patient seeks a certified plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon. Please get more than one opinion and thoroughly research the qualifications of the drs.
Yes. Liposuction is on of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed.
Very common. It is so common that people often feel almost too comfortable and will allow nearly anyone to do it. Liposuction is surgery and is best performed by a surgeon. I am of course a bit biased but have a great safety rating. :).
Very common. Liposuction is the most common plastic surgery procedure among men and women. It is often combined with other procedures.