Is abdominal aortic aneurysm painful?

Usually not. Typically, an abdominal aneurysm causes no symptoms until it ruptures or rapidly expands. In the event of rupture, the pain is sudden and severe. Some enlarging aneurysms can cause back pain or flank pain, but that is less common.
Usually no. But if it becomes painful then it may be leaking or getting ready to rupture.
If it hurts it burst. If you already know you have an abdominal aneurysm and develop back or flank pain, go to the emergency room. It will or may have already burst. Do not delay -- go to er right away! Elderly white male (over 50) smokers are the most likely to have these -- get a screening test if you are in this category of people! Also get screened it anyone in your family had an aneurysm.