I had one more quick question. If bun 25, creatinine 1.5, bun/creat ratio 17, egfr 58...The egfr means im in stage 3 CKD right? 58% kidney function?

Stage 3 CKD. You are correct in that your estimated GFR of 58 ml/min puts you into stage 3 chronic kidney disease. Remember, your GFR is estimated. The actual result may be greater, or lower, than the egfr. To get your acutal gfr, have a 24 hour urine for creatinine clearance. Ask the physician who orders this test to have proteinuria (p) assess in that sample. If p is present, it may needed to be treated.
How do you FEEL? There are some pitfalls here. One is that well-muscled men run high creatinine -- there's actually a junk-science factor in the equation "because black people are more muscular than white people." When I was lifting weights every day, my creatinine got as high as 1.7. If you're well-muscled from either athleticism or obesity, don't call yourself a kidney patient without some real science.