How much should I worry about bruising?

Usually not serious. Easy bruising is usually benign, the result of unnoticed injury. If accompanied by bleeding gums, heavy periods, a history of bleeding into joints or a history of bleeding in the stomach or intestines it should be evaluated. If you are worried it can be easily investigated with a few lab tests.
If you are bruising. Disproportionate to a trauma, have bruising that you can't explain or bruising in unusual places, you should be seen by your doctor. This is especially true if these findings represent a clinical change for you. Simple blood tests can address the functional components of hemostasis and detect abnormalities that might be present. If so, you can work with your dr to explain and correct them.

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How much should I worry about easy bruising?

Depends. It depends on what your symptoms are. What do you mean by easy bruising. Any spontaneous bleeding? Excessive bleeding that wouldn't stop or requiring blood transfusion etc. You need to see your doctor and have some blood/ screening test to be done. If it is significant-then you need to see a hematologist. Read more...