How long does the tuberculosis skin test take?

48-72 hours. Any physician can order or apply a TB skin test. A very tiny needle is used to inject the test media, on the forearm. You will need to return in 48-72 hours to have it read.
48 to 72 hours. The actual placement of the TB skin test (PPD) only takes a few seconds and should be painless. However you need to return to the clinic to have the skin test "read" by someone who knows what they are looking for between 48 and 72 hours later.

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Please help me with my positive tuberculosis skin test how lon does it take to heal?

TB skin test. The reaction from PPD (tb test) can last for several weeks. Did you get a chest x-ray and placed on anti-tb medicine?
Depends on reaction. The reaction can be just induration which goes down in few days. But if the positive reaction is with break in the skin I have only seen once after doing thousands. Severe reaction may take 2to4 weeks to heal.

If my TB skin test ran positive but I've never had tuberculosis, does that mean I have latent tb? And do I have to take antiobiotics if I do have it?

Possible exposure. If PPD is positive than you need a screening chest xray. If xray negative than 9 months of one med inh should be taken to prevent activation of possible dormant tb.
Yes. You may want to repeat the test to make sure it is really positive. There is medication to protect you against TB for your whole life. If again positive latent tb.