Related Questions

Whats the cost of spinal fluid analysis?

Check with the lab. Spinal fluid analysis has two costs. First is the procedure to draw it (ie spinal tap). The second is the lab cost. You will need to ask the practitioner obtaining the spinal fluid and the lab for costs, as they vary widely from lab to lab.

Where do I go to get a spinal fluid analysis done?

Neurologist. Spinal fluid is analyzed after removal from the spinal column using a sterile needle tap to the fluid space around the nerve. Neurologists have special training to get this sample and can send it to the proper laboratory for analysis for you.

What type of doctor can order a spinal fluid analysis?

Depends. Any doctor involved with medical treatment and workup involving the spine and brain. Often neurologists and er physicians do this to rule out spinal meningitis or nonemergently for working up possible neurologic disease like ms.
MDs/DOs. Virtually all mds/dos can order this test, but not all can do it. Typically is done by a neurologist, surgeons/medical residents...
Multiple. The ordering doctor is usually er, internal med/peds, oncology, neurology or neurosurgery for workups. Depending on institution, all of them may perform the procedure, with anesthesia or interventional radiology called for challenging cases. Anesthesiologists do the same procedure frequently for spinal anesthetics.

What does this mean:cerebral spinal fluid analysis: glucose 3.3 mmol/l, chlorides 92.3 mmol/l, protein 0.66 g/l, cytosis 208 (10^6)/l lymphocytes90%?

Consistent with.... ..Meningitis; glucose in CSF should be at or above 2/3 of blood glucose, and 90% lymphocytes differential is suggestive of, but not diagnostic for, viral meningitis. Until cultures come back (2-3 days) must be treated as bacterial.