How long can I wait with ankle swelling to see if it goes away without seeing a doctor?

Time of injury. That depends on how long ago your ankle was injured. If it is in the past several days and it generally is getting better than you can wait. If it has been several weeks then i would suggest a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon. If your swelling has been going on for years or is in both legs than i would first see my primary care doctor.
Depends. Depends. How much swelling? Can you partially bear weight on it? If no -> need xray. Returning to a normal gait (no matter how slow you have to walk) is the key to success. Physical therapy and hopefully they will give you a home exercise program and a encourage an early return to walking. When you are sitting, you should be moving your foot and ankle, even if it is only a slight movement.

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How long am I suppose to wait for my ankle swelling to persist until its necessary to see a doctor?

1-2 weeks. Try icing and bracing with antiinflammatory medication unless you have a heart condition or severe high blood pressure. If pain and swelling continue, seek an appointment for evaluation with possible imaging for pathology. Hope that helps. Read more...
10 days. If it doesn't resolve by then i would get it checked. If pain is involved i would get it checked now. Read more...