Is oral clindamycin helpful for acne vulgaris? Already failed tx w/ doxy, minocycline, & azithromycin.

Don't do it. Taking oral Clindamycin after 3 other good antibiotics failed is asking for another failure and an episode of c. Difficile colitis or worse. I'm going to assume that topical Clindamycin plus benzoyl peroxide plus an adequate dose of an oral tetracycline was a failure. Your next option is a trial or spironolactone with other rx or a dermatology consult for Isotretinoin -- if the latter, be brave!

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How long should I wait to get results from azithromycin gel for acne vulgaris?

About two weeks. I'd be surprised if you do not see some improvement in two weeks. If not, perhaps your physician can try some additional / other remedy. Read more...

Does azithromycin works on acne vulgaris?

Often helps. It's a poor choice for long-term treatment; the tetracyclines offer real advantages. Never use an antibiotic as sole treatment for acne. Read more...