How fast can I make my fibromyalgia go away?

Not Very. Unfortunately, fibromyalgia is a chronic disease (like diabetes) that we manage but never cure. That being said, it can be managed very well so that you can live a healthy productive life. What seems to work best is a combination of medication, exercise, good sleep, meditation, and nutrition. Seek out a doc that has some experience in treating fibromyalgia.
Not so fast. Fibromyalgia is defined as a chronic pain syndrome, so just like diabetes or high blood pressure, fibromyalgia is managed, not cured.
Not easy. ? how long to "make fibromyalgia (FM) go away". No standard time. Rational cure of disorder requires applying therapies matched to cause. Officially, fibromyalgia cause is "unknown". The 3 FDA meds non-opioid pain pills. Causality relates to delicate female joints, childbirth, obesity, biomechanical injuries, & hypermobility. Cure requires reconditioned soft tissues via aquatherapy, yoga, massage.