What are some newer treatments that we can look to for help with incontinence?

Find the Cause . Best treatment is determining the correct cause of the incontinence. Leaking is a symptom and the treatments are determined by the cause. Biofeedback and e-stim are good , ptns and Botox are new therapies. The sling procedure has been revolutionary for men and women in the last decade. There are a lot of new therapies available.
Luckily - a few. Botox just received fda approval for treatment of neurogenic overactive bladder. It is used off label for oab of other causes. Posterior tibial nerve stimulation (electircal stim at the ankle) treats oab. For stress incontinence, radiofrequency treatment and single incision slings hold promise. Research is ongoing for other therapies that are less invasive but not ready for prime time.