How common is it for someone to need a lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation. Lip augmentation, and not lip reconstruction, is gerally an elective cosmetic procedure and as such it is not needed but often requested.
Lip augmentation. Lip augmentation is a very common cosmetic procedure these days. Dermal fillers such as juvederm, Restylane (dermal fillers) make non-surgical lip augmentation readily accessible for men and women who wish to improve the appearance of their lips. Lip enhancement can also be performed using fat grafts harvested from liposuction, collagen, isolagen (made from your own collagen) and goretex lip implants.
Lip Augmentation. Lip augmentation can be preformed with different dermal fillers. Depending on the brand of the filler, the longevity of the lip augmentation can change. The most amount of longevity that a lip augmentation can have is when it is done by fat transfer to the lips. This is done by utilizing your own tissue. Consult with your facial plastic specialist. Hope this helps.
Personal choice. Lip augmentation is useful for those who want a fuller look to their lips. Some individuals have a genetically small lip and desire augmentation. Additionally, as we age, our lips generally lose volume as well, so lip augmentation is used to restore to a more youthful fullness.