Is incontinence a problem seen mostly in the elderly?

No. We hear about it a lot in older patients because it can really affect their life. However, we see incontinence in all ages especially in women. The great news is it can usually be cared for once the reason for the leakage is identified. Look at www.Nafc.Org (national assoc for continence) for more information.
Definitely not. Incontinence is increasingly common as we age, however many younger folks have urinary incontinence. The peak age for treatment worldwide is age 58. Most people have incontinence for 5-7 years before they seek treatment (it is not necessary to wait that long). People of all ages can have incontinence for a variety of reasons.
Can affect all ages. Urinary incontinence is very common and there are many treatments available. The treatment depends on the cause of the leaking. Your gynecologist can do the necessary testing or refer you to someone who can more completely evaluate your symptoms.