How common is it for somebody to get bleeding tendency?

Bleeding disorders. Because of the wide variety of causes, the exact incidence of bleeding disorders in the United States is not known. Von willebrand’s disease is the most common bleeding disorder in the United States, affecting approximately 1% to 2% of the population. Haemophilia a and b are rare conditions with a combined incidence of about 1:10 000 of the population. There are other causes.
Relatively common. There are many ways you get tendency to bruise easily or bleed easily. Any one of the following things you have in the body may go wrong that would cause thisproblem. 1. Reduced number or abnormal function of blood cells called platelets. Platelets prevent bleeding, and if bleeding occurs, they help it to stop. Examples of this is low platelet cound caused by chemotherapy given for cancer, itp, or.