How can I treat pterygium?

Pterygium Treatment. Prevention is key remedy. Avoid sun (sunglasses, hat); avoid smoking. Natural rx info: see; Other ways to help decrease symptoms: cold artificial tears, nsaid drops, low dose or hi dose steroids (though risk of glaucoma, cataract); surgery is only real way to remove/cure: though 5-15% risk of recurrence. I hope this helps and does answer your question fully.
Pterygium treatment. If nonsurgical, over the counter lubricating and/or vasoconstrictor drops, low dose anti-inflammatory, restasis, etc. If more significant, excision with conjunctival autograft or other surgical techniques.
You cannot. Pterygium is a benign growth on the nasal and temporal side of the cornea. It has hereditary underpinnings, but is a response to wind and dust and sunlight. When small you can ignore it. If larger, or actively growing it may cause redness and irritation. If very large it can be unsightly and may obstruct the vision. You ophthalmologist can advise you and offer treatment if needed.
Pterygium. A pterygium is a condition when the conjunctiva (the clear skin coating of the white of the eye) grows over the cornea (the clear part overlying the colored iris). If it spreads near or over the visual axis, vision can be compromised. There is no cure, aggressive lubrication and avoidance of uv light (sun rays) can possibly keep it from progressing. Surgical removal with graft is only tx.