How can I treat peritonsillar abscess?

ER and/or ENT . Most cases of peritonsillar abscess (pta) needs to be drained (usually with a needle) by an ENT or a trained er doctor. It isn't fun but it helps. You also need antibiotics (most often clindamycin) and potentially IV hydration and steroid medication. If you have recurrent pta, you might also be a candidate for tonsillectomy once healed up. Tonsillectomy during active infection is rarely done.
Have it drained. Peritonsillar abscess is a serious infection and needs to be treated by drainage by a physician.

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Is a peritonsillar abscess treated with an antibiotic shot?

Partially. A peritonsillar abscess is a serious medical condition and aside from iv antibiotics for 10- 14 days, an ENT consult should be considered to evaluate for incision and drainage. Read more...