How can I treat copd?

Stop smoking... COPD needs to be treated by a physician as there are meds available like bronchodilators and steroid inhalers to control symptoms. If the oxygen level is low, oxygen therapy may be needed. The best thing you can do for yourself is to quit smoking if you are a smoker. Your doctor can help with this as well.
Stop smoking! Stopping smoking is the most effective treatment for copd; if you need oxygen, wearing oxygen also can extend your life and improve your quality of life. Based on your lung function and other medical problems, your physician may prescribe inhalers for you that help your breathing and increase your exercise tolerance. Exercise and weight loss (if you are overweight) also help.
Prevention. Prevention is the best medicine. Depending on the level of disease and frequency of exacerbations, there are several classes of medication that can help. These include fast acting albuterol, or other long acting Beta2 angonists. These may be combined with steroids to reduce pulmonary inflammation. Pulmonary rehab can help significantly.
Treatment COPD. Treatment of COPD COPD is irreversible lung disease and it is very important to do anything to slow down the progression of the disease and control the symptoms 1 Stop smoking is the most important 2 Bronchodilators like Albutero,Atrovent,combivent (albuterol and ipratropium) ,Spiriva,Terbutaline,Xopenex,Formoterol and Spiriva 3 Corticisteroids inhaled or oral 4Oxygen if needed 5Flu&Pneumococcal Vaccine.
Several things. COPD is treated with the following measures: 1) quite smoking. This is a must and will help preserve lung function. 2) inhaled medicines. The exact ones vary, but they help open airways and/ or decrease inflammation in the airways making it easier to breath. 3) flu and pneumonia vaccines. 4) pulmonary rehab ( an exercise and teaching program that can help one breathe better.