How can I treat asthma?

Asthma. See an asthma specialist to get a regimen specifically designed for you. Every asthmatic is a different individual with individual medication needs.
Inhaled steroids. The most common medications used to treat asthma include short-acting beta agonists (albuterol), both inhaled and nebulized forms, and inhaled corticosteroids. Inhaled corticosteroids are used to prevent asthma symptoms, while albuterol is often used to treat break-through symptoms.
Depends on severity. There are different "types" of asthma and different severities. Treatment depends on frequency of symptoms, how much it impacts your life, need for urgent care and others. There are many treatments available, and asthma is usually controllable.
Agree. You need to see an asthma specialist. Every asthma patient is different, but treatments are similar in that they focus on reducing inflammation in the lungs which opens up the air tubes and makes it easier to breathe. Every patient should have a spirometry (breathing test) done to assess the severity of their asthma and later response to treatment.
Meds... Asthma is treated with bronchodilator and steroid inhalers. Other medications can be used as well, depending on your symptoms and triggers as well as disease severity. These meds need to be prescribed by a doctor. Good luck!
Step wise treatment. Usually, the treatment starts off with a short acting beta agonist, like albuterol. If this isn't enough, then an inhaled steroid is added. Then, if you need more, a long acting beta agonist/steroid combo is added. During the work up, an IgE level and an allergen panel should be done to see if you would benefit from Xolair.

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How can I treat asthma and how can I prevent allergic asthma attacks?

See below. You can lower the risk of continued flares by avoiding the triggers that set off your asthma and allergies and using your maintenance medicines as directed. Read more...

How can I treat my asthma?

Find out what. your "triggers" are...allergies/stress/environmental issues and find a good PULMONOLOGIST or ALLERGIST to help you design a medication program best for you! (Rescue inhalers, ongoing medications etc etc Some skin testing may be necessary! Start with your Primary Care Physician for a Referral Hope this helps! Dr Z. Read more...
Meds, education. You should see an asthma specialist. They will characterize your asthma (mild, moderate persistent, severe persistent etc.) and make recommendations on treatment. If more than intermittent we treat with a controller inhaler (steroid) plus a rescue inhaler (albuterol). Avoiding triggers is also important (allergens, irritants etc.) Read more...
Controller&Relie. Common medicines used for Asthma fall into two groups 1 The controller Medicines which are used to control the inflammation in bronchi which causes asthma,and these are steroids either orally or by inhalation and leukotriene receptor antagonist like singular given orally 2Reliever meds to relieve Bronchospasm and these are called Bronchodilaters,short acting like Albuterol/ Xopenex&long actin. Read more...