Does pruritus ani usually cause many symptoms?

Just itching! Pruritis ani is a descriptive term for its very annoying and bothersome symptoms: itching of the sensitive skin around your anus. Causes vary, but are commonly just irritants like soap, shampoo, body lotion (or scratching!).
Itchy bottom. Puritis ani describes itching around the anus. It has many causes including excessive or inadequate wiping, moisture (chapped), sensitivity to scented toilet paper or laundry products, superficial yeast infection, and pinworms. Try to change your toileting habits, use a protective cream or anti-fungal cream. If these don't help see your doctor.

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Do pinworms cause pain in the butt or just pruritus ani?

Symptoms... Pinworms usually cause difficulty sleeping due to itching, severe itching around anus, peri-anal inflammation from scratching, vaginal area itchiness in females.
Itching. The pinworms themselves can go unnoticed by the body & do not cause pain. It is actually the egg laying of pregnant worms in a mucus that triggers a skin eruption/rash/itching. The rash is much like a poison ivy reaction & can persist for a while after the worms are killed off.

Itchy anus (pruritus ani) causes? Especially since Vermox already tried.

Multifactorial. Causes include excessive hygiene, pinworms, diet, anal leakage, hemorrhoids. Try avoiding soap and washcloth on anal area. Only warm water and your hand to cleanse in the shower. Avoid medicated wipes, just use soft toilet paper and wipe as little as possible. Avoid ingesting coffee, tea, soda, beer or citrus.

I have had pruritus ani for more than 8 months now and I have heard that there is a 20 % risk it could be related to cancer. Is that true? If not how is the correlation between symptoms and cancer?

Unlikely to be. Cancer. See this site for information on this topic. The risk of cancer is remote. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/anal-itching/ds00453.
Wrong. I've never heard such a thing, and it makes no sense. The most common cause is dryness and chafing due to excessive washing and wiping. The treatment: no soap, wash just once a day with lukewarm water, wipe gently, and leave it alone.

I have pruritus ani, and I believe it is from over cleanliness which may have caused the nerves of my perianal skin to be overactive, what can I do?

Try. An OTC (Over the Counter) Hydro-cortisone Cream (Hemorrhoid creams may contain this) Hope it helps! Dr Z BTW pruritus ani may be a SIGN of a HEMORRHOIDAL condition!