Do people with tongue cancer have a lot of pain?

Early cancer no pain. There is typically no pain with an early cancer and many cancers can go undetected until there are more advanced. If you have any concerns about a tongue lesion itis best to see an oral surgeon, or have your general dentist give you a referral for an examination.
When advanced. Early tongue cancers are often not detected because they may not cause pain or bleeding or are not seen at all (if presnt in the tongue base). Most cancers though are locally advanced and cause pain, ulceration, swelling, swallowing difficulty, and sometimes bleeding.

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Do lots of people get tongue cancer, or is it unusual?

Increasing cases. In the US, the number of new tongue cancer is increasing due to HPV infections mostly in men. There are more than 10,000 new cases annually in the US. Other risk factors include tobacco smoking or chewing and alcohol use. Read more...
Depends. Depends on patient population. Much higher in those who smoke or drink heavily. Much less common otherwise. Read more...