Do people with sarcoidosis have a lot of pain?

Sarcoidosis and pain. chest pain is a fairly common complaint among patients with sarcoidosis and some also develop a form of arthritis that can be painful. The majority of patients with sarcoidosis do not feel pain and of course patients with sarcoidosis can have pains unrelated to their sarcoidosis just like anyone else.
Possibly. In my experience, the pain my patients complain of most often is chest pain. I really can't explain why. Their cardiac workups are always negative. Nothing seems to help it either.
Sometimes. Not all saroid is symptomatic. Lung invovlement early has no symptoms. The diagnosis is suggested by seeing changes on the chest x - ray. Involvement of the joints, eye, muscles can be symtpomatic. If you have sarcoid and pain your rheuamtologist will look for other causes of pain besides the sarcoid. Sometimes it may be due to fibromyalgia which is not due to the sarcoid at all.