Both my eyes are always bloodshot and itchy along with sinus headaches. Why does this happen?

Conjunctivitis. A bloodshot eye can be due to many things: ie. Allergic conjunctivitis; sinusitis. The most natural way to treat it is cold ice packs for itchiness; cold artificial tears in refrigerator helps also. If severe an eyemd can rx stronger drops. If discharge, use warm towel to clear it away. Any vision change, see eyemd. Eyedoc2020.Blogspot.Com.
Allergy or dry. Allergy and dryness would be most common causes. Try an over the counter allergy eye drop such as zaditor (ketotifen) twice a day and see if this helps. Would also try using some artificial tears (also over the counter) 3-4 times a day. This should really help. Stay away from visine.
Yes. The sinus mucus membrane is similar to the conjunctiva membrane of the eye. They both have secretory gands and nests of inflamatory/allergy cells. Both can respond with a heightened immune repsonse.

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Recently bloodshot, itchy eyes, sinus headache, stuffy nose. How to ease my allergies?

Allergies . Allergies cause itching & tearing. Over-the-counter allergy medicine & eyedrops help relieve it. Zaditor (ketotifen) is a good eyedrop. Blepharitis also causes itching & this can you can try loraditine (claritin) or other previous prescription anti-allergy meds. Check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or are pregnant. Read more...