How do I prepare for surgery?

Stop smoking. Eat lightly but w nutritious choices. Stop smoking. Do not over drink. Go through all meds you take w surgeon including vitamins.
Surgery prep. It depends on the kind of surgery. For general anesthesia, a vital preparation is to insure your stomach is completely empty, which means nothing to eat or drink for at least 12 hours prior to being put to sleep. This is to make sure there is nothing in your stomach which may "come up" as you are being put to sleep. If this happens, it can lead to aspiration pneumonia which is very serious.

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How do I prepare for surgery? I'm afraid that I may not be able to wake up after the surgery?

Speak to anesthesiol. Many people are more concerned with the anesthesia than the surgery. The most dangerous part of anyone's surgery day is the drive to the facility! Life threatening anesthesia complications are rare. I have seen risks ratios of 1:60000-1:200000 anesthetics having fatal unexpected reactions. If you are a healthy 29 year old you have very little to be worried about. Praying you do well.

I have surgery in the next 4 weeks 2 hav my fibroids remove (myomectomy) how do I prepare my body for surgery an not have 2 much bleeding on the day?

Try this. Eat well, get your rest. Do not overindulge in alcohol. Avoid aspirin, and minimize Ibuprofen and naproxen. Make sure your surgeon knows all your daily meds. Good luck.