Do people with cubital tunnel syndrome have a lot of pain?

Depends. There is great variability in the experience of pain and functional impairment in carpal tunnel cases early symptoms are typically tingling and pain of thumb and index finger during sleep as this is usually a result of repetitive motion, ergonomic solutions or change in engineering, tasks, positions etc should be pursued.
More numbness. While pain can occasionally be a symptom, more often patients present complaining of numbness and tingling in their small finger and the half of the ring finger adjacent to the small finger. Later in the disease process you see weakness, clumsiness, and muscle atrophy in the hand. Best to have it evaluated if there are any questions.

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Do lots of people get cubital tunnel syndrome, or is it unusual?

? carpel tunnel. If you mean carpel tunnel syndrome, it is not uncommon.
Not rare. After carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome is the 2nd most common compressive neuropathy of the upper extremity. It is seen frequently in a busy hand and upper extremity surgery practice.