My 13yr daughter is on a carb counting method to administer here novolog insulin before meals. Is this best? I'm confused of having to count

Carb Counting. Diabetes is a very difficult problem to deal with. But, one of the most vital skills that will serve your daughter over her lifetime is learning to limit carbs; to count the calories or grams of carbs so that her diabetes can be well controlled and she can grow into adulthood without any negative consequences. Once the skill of carb counting is leaned it is very simple.
Carb count important. Normally when we eat carbs, our pancreas puts out the correct amount of Insulin to keep the sugar from going up. When you have type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not do this. The best way to mimic what the pancreas does is by counting carbohydrates and taking short acting Insulin such as NovoLog before eating to "cover" the amount of carbs eaten. A typical amount is 1 unit covers 10 gms of carb.