How many kilos should a pregnant women gain during pregnancy?

Weight gain. The amount of kilos depends on starting weight in relation to height or the bmi. For instance normal weight gain is 10-14 kg. If you are overweight, the recommendation would be less and if you are underweight the recommendation would be more.

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Excessive bloating (5 CM) in 5th week of pregnancy. 2 doctors said no meds allowed. I gain/lose 3 kilos during day. 1st pregnancy was the same! ?

Actually. I allow my patients to use simethicone (gas x) for bloating. If this is from constipation, you can also use metamucil, colace, dulcolax and milk of magnesia (magnesium hydroxide). If your IBD causes diarrhea you can safely use immodium (generic fine), pepto bismol, kaopectate. I usually hand a list of safe meds for common problems at the first visit. Ask your OB if he/she has one. Read more...

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Closure . I am sorry for your loss. You should see the doctor who took care of your child and find out for your own benefit as to what really happened and the reason for his sad demise. It should be made very clear to you as to what could have been the reason for his passing away. Otherwise you will keep looking for causes and what could have been done to help him. . Read more...