Is it ok to use listerine while I have a tooth abscess?

For what purpose? If using listerine is part of your daily routine, you can continue to use it. It will have basically no effect on the abscess. An infection requires antibiotic coverage and resolution of the cause of the infection. I hope that you are already being treated for the abscess. If not, see your dentist immediately for a diagnosis and proper treatment.
Yes but... The listerine will not treat nor cure the abscess. There really is not a home remedy for treating an abscess.
USE A DENTIST . It may sting but see a dentist to be placed on antibiotics or have a root canal or extraction if indicated.
Yes, but. The best thing to do is to go to a dentist for treatment. But you can use listerine before you go. It will not make the abscess go away. The only thing that will do this is dental treatment. Don't wait, it can get worse.