What are the options for kidney failure?

For chronic failure. You may 1. Do nothing but longevity will be very short and quality of life poor 2. Do hemodialysis ie in-center machine dialysis via line or shunt 3. Do peritoneal dialysis ie home dialysis which is done by patient who is trained over a week period with family support 4. Transplant from a living related person 5. Transplant from cadavar (bank) 5. Transplant from unrelated person.
Kidney failure. Some renal failure are short term and some people respond to treatment. Others will require either dialysis through the peritoneal cavity or hemodialysis. Renal transplant lists are long however they certainly increase the quantity of life once you've had a transplant and do not have a rejection.

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What are my options to treat kidney failure?

Dialysis/ transplant. Dialysis is in-center i.e. Hemodialysis (blood dialysis) dialysis at home usually peritoneal via abdominal catheter transplant (living-related, cadaveric, or living-unrelated) or a combination of all the above in sequence. Read more...
Kidney failure. It all depends on the condition, the stage of renal insufficiency, and other medical conditions that coexist. If a person is at what is termed end-stage renal failure, then dialysis is the best option - either peritoneal or hemo depending on a whole bunch of factors. Read more...