Is having crooked teeth associated with future health complications? Please confirm with research study papers. Http://bit. Ly/icfbgp

Logic. Here's a slightly different approach to your knowledge quest. This is what a major Insurance company thinks about Orthodontic care. Logically, if you put teeth and jaws where they belong, they function better, wear out less, are easier to clean, less expensive to restore, and, by the way, look better.
Perspective. My personal opinion from practicing for over 40 years, taking over 800 hours of continuing education courses & keeping abreast of current research-everything in the video you referenced is true. However, its intent is to promote their product. Nothing wrong in that. It's a matter of degree along with other factors. One can have crooked teeth & no dental\medical problems and straight teeth & many.
Best i can do. This is the best i can find. I do not believe crooked teeth (malocclusion) is an indicator for future health complications. I believe the main health concerns are related to the biological effects stemming from the psychological influence crooked teeth can have on the one's mental health.