I had surgery on my knee one yr I have to wear a knee brace cause of instability had physical therapy 3 times in constant pain what about knee replace?

See details. What surgery was done? That info would help me to provide a more specific answer. Something is obviously wrong. Get the knee reevaluated and do not be afraid to get a 2nd opinion.

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I have to wear a knee brace for instability of the knee after having mendisic surgery last july I am in constant pain what about knee replacement?

Very last option. Knee replacement is your very last option - try everything you can to avoid it as long as you can. That's advice form a doctor who is currently recovering from her second knee replacement at just age 53 after my knee was destroyed and reconstructed at age 19 after being hit by a drunk driver. Knee replacement does not mean pain free. If your knee is stable, seek other options for pain relief first. Read more...