Can waking up startled with a racing heart beat give you a heart attack or cardiac arrest? (awful feeling ex: alarm goes off=boom heart jumps) : (

Not in your case. In the absence of advanced heart disease it would be extremely rare. In a young female with no cardiac risk factors (diabetes, high blood pressure, cigarette smoking) not a problem. Try a clock radio with gentle music.
Not likely. Sounds like an anxiety reaction. Unless you are having multiple episodes during the day, it is unlikely to be a major problem. If you have a cardiologist, you may want to check it out with them.

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I'm 18 severe anxiety for many years - rapid heart beat, palpitations etc. No family history, healthy weight. What my chances of heart attack/ disease?

Chronic disease. You don't have to worry about a heart attack, heart disease in the near future given your age. But you do need to treat your anxiety- to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety itself, and a lot of physical problems as your body is constantly exposed to stress hormones. See a psychiatrist.
Very very low. At 18, in the absence of other diagnosed heart conditions or significant family history... your chances are currently very, very low. Though anxiety is a crippling condition and can cause feelings of physical problems, you are at a very low risk of any heart issues. Don't let that compound your anxiety, but I would endorse you to get seen by a mental health professional for the anxiety.

Could palpitations/tachycardia/dizziness happen before cardiac arrest? Also can a heart attack be painless in a male?

Yes. Yes you can have painless heart attack ior a female. And palpitation/tachycardia/dizziness happen before cardiac arrest.
Yes and yes. Those symptoms are frequent responses of the heart to compensate for lack of blood flow either to the heart muscles or to the tissues and if it is the brain, then there is dizziness. Almost 1/3 of people with dm could have a heart attack with ho chest pain and probably about 7% of normal population could have a small heart attack without knowing it.

I'm on blood thinner but I'm feeling like a irregular heart beat. Can I have a heart attack being on xarelto (blood thinners?

Unlikely. See your heart doctor for irregular heart beat. Patients do experience various side effect from xarelto. However, it is very unlikely to get heart attack while on xarelto. It has never been reported. However, the safety of xarelto was not studied well in patient with valvular disease.
Yes, though may ↓the. Severity. Xarelto does NOT thin the blood; blood viscosity does not change. Instead Xarelto inhibits clot formation, thus any bleeding problems are ↑ed. Xarelto is Rxed because of evidence/concern of forming clots inside blood vessels, not just in blood vessel breaks. Heart attacks are due to atherosclerosis & arterial lining ruptures; Xarelto is incapable of reducing these; only ↓es clotting.

I have Heart Disease. I had a heart attack at age 42 and had 2 stents put in. Sometimes, I can feel my heart beat is off, quite often?

Palpitations. You have heart disease. Discuss with your cardiologist, they may consider a holter monitor where they monitor, your heart rhythm for several days and you keep a diary of symptoms and then the cardiologist correlates the symptom with what was seen on the monitor or want to review your meds, do another stress test/echo. Rarely if warranted they do EPS study. Please follow up with your cardiologist.
Keep up cardiologist. You might be having arrhythmia or irregular heart beat it could be nothing serious but with history of CAD and stent I would keep up with my cardiologist on regular basis stay in touch with you heart specialist good luck thank you for using health tap.

Signs of heart attack in womenchest discomfort, irregular heart beat, pain in shoulder, weak, tired?

Yes. It certainly could be, you sound like you need to be evaluated asap. If this is all new, you need to call 911 now for an emergent evaluation of your heart.
Pain/short breating. The most common symptoms of a heart attack in women include pain in the chest, neck or arm and shortness of breath. Many patients do not have such typical presentations. Other common symptoms include sweating and nausea. Irregular heart beat is not a common symptom of a heart attack. Tiredness, weakness or fatigue are common in the general population, but are not usually due to a heart attack.

23 y.O no history of cardiovascular prob mild chest pains and rapi heart beat (130bpm). Heart attack likely? Drink 5 hr energy regularly

Unlikely. A heart attack. Increased heart rate most likely secondary to the energy drink and caffeine that is in it. Stop energy drink. If still occurring see your doctor.
Cut down. On the energy drink, and if your symptoms persist, go see a doctor. Heart attacks are very, very rare in someone your age. Drug induced rapid heart rate is very common. 5 hour energy is just bascially a whopper dose of caffeine, a drug.

I'm 28 yr old female non smoker I ha e a fast heart beat of 100-120 BPM could I have a heart attack?

Tachcardia. Yes, it is possible. You need to have a thorough investigation on the causes of rapid heart rates. Coronary artery disease is the number one possibility and it is deadly. More women due from it than men due to delays in diagnosis. So find a doctor who uses "multifunction cardiogram" to test you. It may just save your life!
See below. There are multiple reasons why a 28 year old may have a fast heartbeat. Only some initiate from the heart and coronary disease leading to a heart attack would not start at the top of my list. Go see your doctor and don't be scared.
Prevention. However, women tend to be under diagnosed for ischemic heart disease. More women die from it than men. Taking precaution to prevent premature death is very important.

Does an anxiety attack make you feel like you're having a heart attack? Numbness in the hands & feet. Fast heart beat. Loss of breath

Anxiety. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks can feel exactly as you describe. At 19 anxiety is far more common than a heart attack. Heart attack is not impossible but statistically the anxiety attack would be overwhelmingly more probable in a young person. Discussing with your Dr. And if appropriate having cardiac testing or help with anxiety is a good course of action.