Do doctors see a lot of patients with endometrial cancer?

Endometrial cancer. Gynecologic oncologists are the main doctors trained to treat women with endometrial cancer. Endometrial cancer is the most common cancer treated by gyn oncologists. Many gyn oncologists will operate on 2, 3 or more women with endometrial cancer a week.
Certain doctors do. Typically patients with endometrial cancer will be seen by a gynecological oncologist or a medical oncologist. Surgery should always be done by a gyn oncologist. If there is a need for chemotherapy that can be done by either the gyn onc or med onc depending on where the patient is being treated. If radiation is needed a radiation oncologist would do e treatment.

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Can a doc just look at tissue from d & c and say that it's probably not endometrial cancer?

No. He / she is free to look but visuals on D&C products are famously unreliable. The pathologist needs to look, and if you have any doubts, you can it read by several of us. Read more...

Can doctors tell me what does the "grade" refer to in endometrial cancer?

Microscopic look. Grade refers to how cells look under the microscope. If they look like the natural cells in the organ they started from except more crowded they are grade 1 or well differentiated. If they look like solid sheets of nasty cells with no appearance of normal tissue, then it is a grade 3 or poorly differentiated. A combination of the 2 is called grade 2. Usually, the higher the grade the worse it is. Read more...

Doctors, whats the youngest you have seen with endometrial cancer? Have pcos. I'm nervous. 20 y/o

Manage it. I've seen them in their early 20's. PCOS is largely genetic but if you can stay in good aerobic physical shape and comply with medications, you can help yourself. Especially, if you have menstrual irregularities / unusual bleeding, get this addressed at once. These endometrial cancers are usually curable when caught early. Glad you're aware of the situation and good luck. Read more...