Do a lot of people get rhinitis?

Yes. It is allergic rhinitis effects approximately 20% of the population. It has been estimated that the cost of prescription medications to treat it exceeds six billion dollars per year in the United States.
Yes. Rhinitis is defined as inflammation and irritation of the mucosa (skin) inside the nose. There are many causes, from irritant (smoke, chemicals, perfume etc.) infectious (viral, bacterial), medicine induced (decongestant sprays, other meds), and allergic (pollen, dust mite, dander, mold) so yes many people have rhinitis.
Rhinitis common. There are many people who suffer with allergic or non-allergic rhinitis. There are lots of triggers of allergy out there.

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Do a lot of people get allergic rhinitis?

Yes. About 20% of the population have some level of allergic rhinitis; many can be self-treated with occasional over-the-counter medications, some need to be treated by their primary care doctor, and at least 20% of those are so allergic that they should see an allergist. Read more...