Sore throat by uvula. Burning sensation. Hard to swallow. Causes? Treatment?

Viral or bacterial. Throat infections can cause an enlarged and painful uvula. An inspection and possibly a culture is appropriate. Viral URI needs symptomatic rx but strep throat would require antibiotic coverage to avoid future kidney and/or heart complications.
Bacteria/virus. More than strep can cause this, and r treatable. A throat culture should b done. If bacterial sensitivities will b done & proper antibiotics can b rx'd.If viral treat synptomaticly.

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Do I have strep throat? Chest burning sensation and sore throat feels like swallowing a golf ball stuffy nose 99.3 fever know one sick around me

Possibly. Only way to truly know if you have strep is get your throat swabbed and cultured by physician or nurse. Can go to primary care or urgent care. Could be viral sore throat (pharyngitis) which is more common than strep. Rest, drink lots and gargle with salt water. Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain.

I have something white on the tip of my uvula and sore throat for the past 3 days. Sometimes it is hard to swallow. What is it? Could it be serious?

Sore throat. This is probably a viral throat infection which will run its course in several days, but a rapid throat culture could be done to check for strep. See your Physician if symptoms persist or worsen. In the meantime try lozenges and/or gargles for soothing relief.
Pharyngitis. You have a sore throat or "pharyngitis" which can be caused by any number of viruses or bacteria. Strep is probably the most famous bacteria and should be screened for. Smoking is a risk factor for these infections because of the toxicities of smoke. Hope u can quit. Watch for worsening such as fevers, lymph nodes in the neck, etc. The white stuff by the way is pus- that's what the MD should swab.

I have been coughing, a sore throat, and the inside of my nose has a burning sensation. Any idea why my nose burns inside? It also is hard to breathe

Cold or allergy. Your symptoms can either be related to a viral infection or to nasal allergies, both can irritate your nasal passages and make your nose sensitive. Use a saline nasal spray to soothe it, it should help you until you get your symptoms checked with your doctor.

I have Bump on my tongue for almost 1 month with burning sensation. Sore throat with inflammation occasionally. Sometimes pain in bump cause ear pain?

Infection or growth? This could be an infection in the tongue or a growth in the tongue. This should be checked by a doctor. Good luck!

Have a sore throat more than two weeks its hard to swallow and breath, I have red and white patches at the back of my mouth, what could this be?

911 or ER. If you have trouble breathing, it is a potentially life threatening situation and you should call 9-1-1 (or have someone take you to an emergency room immediately).

Have a sore throat more than two weeks, its hard to swallow and breathe, have red and white patches at the back of my mouth, but have no tonsils?

Candida. Thiis could be an oral candida or thrush infection. If you have used antibiotics, or a steroid inhaler recently, this could be the cause. It is important that you see your doctor about this.