Do a lot of people get eye swelling?

Sometimes. Eye swelling can be caused by focal infection, angioedema, systemic salt imbalance, heart and kidney failure, secondary to some drugs used to treat other illnesses and thyroid disease (to name a few). The speed of disappearance of the swelling depends upon which of these you have. You should consult with your ophthalmologist to sort this out.

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Do lots of people get eye swelling, or is it unusual?

Frequent. Eye swelling is mostly due to infectious or allergic responses in the lids. Some, like allergy can be painless or itchy, but others like infection can be painful. The conjunctival lining of the eye can swell also and the soft tissue around and behind the eye can swell. There are many causes. You should see your ophthalmologist especially if the vision is dropping or the pain is severe. Read more...