Large tonsil, headache 3dys. 6/10 pain. Urgent care 2x. Neg strep. Tried ultram, aleve, benadryl, (diphenhydramine) & fioricet, head still hurts. No fever. Suggestions?

See below. You need to see an ENT to evaluate the tonsil, but the headache may or may not be related to. Start with your primary and he or she may need to refer you to a specialist.
One or both? If it's just one tonsil enlarged, i'd be concerned about a peritonsilar abcess. If both tonsils enlarged, could be something like mono. They've tested you for strep, but very occasionally can be other bacteria causing the symptoms or could be a virus. If you are still 6/10 pain despite fiorcet, you need to be re-evaluated and perhaps have some blood work done to see if this looks to be viral.