Can you die from tonsillitis?

Rarely. Tonsillitis is a treatable infection. Left untreated, in rare circumstances, the infection may spread to other tissues, cause septicemia and death. Tonsillitis may be followed by renal and heart disease.
Only if complication. You will not die from tonsillitis. But complications of tonsillitis can lead to very serious problems. Heart disease, kidney disease if the Streptococcus is the cause. Peritonsillar abscess can lead to complications. So if the tonsillar infection extends beyond the anatomical region of the tonsil, there can be serious life-threatening complications.

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Can you die from tonsillitis and how fast does it take tonsils to sweet to the point when they would block your airway?

Rarely. Only if tonsillitis leads to a peritonsillar abscess which then could rarely progress into the carotid sheath and infect the carotid artery or the jugular vein. Another scenario would be the development of a retro-pharyngeal abscess that could progress into the mediastinum and cause a fatal pneumonia. These complications of tonsillitis are rare but possible. Read more...