Can you die from rhabdomyolysis?

Rarely. In most cases the cause of rhabdomyolysis is benign and reversible like trauma, excessive exercise, drugs, infections, toxins.. And. The treatment is hydration and preventing kidney failure in addition to treating the cause. Rarely do these cases kill the patient. In rare cases the cause of rhabdomyolysis has a bad prognosis like myositis and myopathy and here the underlying disease is what kills.
Depends on severity. Severe rhabdomyolysis is uncommon but can be fatal and associated with high morbidity and mortality. Massive destruction of the muscles in severe rhabdomyolysis leads to excessive release of pigments that could deposit in the kidneys causing kidney failure. Furthermore, there are multiple electrolyte abnormalities which can cause cardiac arrhythmia results in dealth if not treated.
Yes. Rhabdomyolysis can cause death from the effects of kidney failure. The myoglobin that is released into the blood from muscle breakdown can damage the kidney quickly and severely causing acute kidney injury or aki. This rapid onset kidney failure can cause potassium to build up in the blood, the blood to become very acidic, and for extra fluid to go into the lungs, all of this can be deadly.
Surely yes. Untreated/ unrecognized rhabdo can cause kidney failure, metabolic encephalopathy, other complications- and surely it can kill a person.