What should I do if my baby is not burping?

Don't panic. Some babies just don't burp. But, first make sure that you are giving them the opportunity to burp. Try different positions with gentle back massage/tapping to encourage the air to "rise up": on your chest while you are in a sitting position, and also lying across your your lap. If your child doesn't burp and is otherwise happy and comfortable, then don't sweat it...The gas will come from below.
Keep trying. Keep trying and after you feed the infant half of your planned meal, pick him/her up and burp with less in their tummy. That should help solve the problem. If you top off the gas tank to full every time, there is no room for air bubbles.

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What should I do if my baby doesn't burp?

Don't Panic! I have seen many a new parent drive themselves crazy trying to "get a burp" out of their baby. If the baby has swallowed excess air, he/she will usually burp shortly after feeding, especially when put in a more upright position. But, if there is no burp, don't panic! worst case, baby may spit up....Nothing more dangerous or uncomfortable than that. Read more...
Keep trying. Babira are naturally not great burpers for a few months. They essentially need to practice, just like walking and talking. Keep trying and babies will get better at it. Read more...