Can bio oil heal depressed acne scars? Its only very slightly depressed and how do I use it? Does it clog pores?

Myth but use if help. Many of my patients swear by the benefits of tea tree or bio-oil and so i generally don't dissuade them but there is very little science to support its use. It is probably the massage, (which we know helps scars) that is used to apply the oil, which is actually providing the improvements observed. Massage with any clean oil 3-4 times a day. Silicon gel trips are morel likely to improve the scar.
No science. To show or prove that this application of bio oil actually works.
Won't work. It's an oil and will change the way light reflects off your skin, fooling you into thinking the scar has been altered. I'm glad you're being effectively treated for your acne. If you wish, a dermatologist can make the scars less visible, or you may join the hollywood leading men who've chosen to keep their for the "tough guy" look.

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Do you advise on using bio oil or olive oil to heal a slightly depressed red acne scar? I'm on absorica (accutane) 20mg 2x/day

Won't work. In spite of what you've read on entertainment websites, topical oils won't touch acne scars. I'm glad you're finally getting proper treatment. If you choose to have the scar treated eventually, a dermatologist can use a filler, microsurgery, dermabrasion, or an injection. Good luck. Read more...