Friend having petscan and told to stay away from children & pregnant women for 24 hrs due to radioactivity. Can I be w/ her & then go home to my kids?

Yes, not transferred. Patients with pet scans are radioactive for a short period of time. After study still contain some of the radioactive material. A lot excreted in urine. Remaining radioactive material does not stay in them very long. Half life of radiotracer is short. Hardly any radiation 3 feet away from patient. You cannot transfer radiation exposure from yourself.You are not the source of the radiation.
Yes, with these ... Rules. You should not visit if you are pregnant. Please keep your distance - no sitting next to your friend on the couch - across a kitchen table is fine. Avoid using the bathroom at your friend's, since their urine is radioactive. Their sweat will be too. However, the really good news is if your follow the rules, no harm will come to you and your visit will not harm your children.