Can I die from kidney stones if I ignore it?

Yes -kidney failure. Uremia, azotemia all terms for kidney failure.This can occur if you have blockage of either a solitary functioning kidney, or stones blocking both kidneys or ureters. Staghorn calculi, stones that mimic horns can occupy entire kidney collecting system and be silent non symptomatic killers. Most stones are symptomatic, not all. Combination of obstructing stones & proximal infection can be lethal.
Yes. Obstruction can cause pylonephritis-kidney infection- which can lead to sepsis-blood infection. Can also get kidney failure, esp if major stones in both kidneys. Pain often makes them hard to ignore.
Kidney stones. While the pain from a stone can feel unbelievable...A stone is a life threatening condition when associated with an infection...A septic stone pt is a pt with a stone blocking the kidney and an infection....Fever and chills with the terrible stone pain should be evaluated urgently !