Dad had bad pain, at and below elbow (wrist, fingers). Neuro diagnosed with ulnar nerve entrapment. No improvement after 1 week. What to do for pain?

Ulnar Nerve. The ulnar nerve is succeptable to trauma at the elbow as it passes around a groove on the medial side called the cubital tunnel. Avoiding excessive elbow flexion and cushioned elbow protector can help. Anti-inflammatory meds or pain meds like Neurontin (gabapentin) may also help. Evaluation by a nerve specialist like a neurosurgeon is warranted if there is progressive numbness in the fingers or hand weakness.
Cubital tunnel syndr. Avoidance of movements & positions that provoke symptoms, particularly minimizing activities that place the elbow in a flexed position (driving, using the phone, etc.), including during sleep with use of a properly wrapped towel. Pt, meds such as nsaids, tca's, anticonvulsants +/- injection. Orthopedic surgeon for decompressive > transposition surgery if advanced or conservative treatment failed.