Two erupted wisdom teeth might have to be extracted but I have medicaid. Does it cover general anesthesia for oral surgery? I can't with only local.

Usually have to have. A medical reason to use general anesthesia, . They can give you something to relax you with the local anesthesia, medicaid or any insurance will need a prior auth.
Unlikely. Depends on the state. Unlikely. Get a pre-authorization.
Talk to dentist. Any provider and their office will work with you on costs of procedures before you embark on the surgery. The operation itself does not need general anesthesia, often it can be done just under local, and if needed some mild sedation. Talk to your dentist.
"Medical Necessity" Will have to be demonstrated for the use of general anesthesia for coverage for the removal of an erupted wisdom tooth or two - this is even the case for some regular insurances. You can express your concerns for not being able to tolerate injections only and I am sure your surgeon can offer alternatives, and would be even wiling to discount the anesthesia.
Erupted wisdom . Teeth are sometimes more routine to remove. Not always, but sometimes. Dont be too afraid. Your anxiety may be helped by some simple oral medications from your pharmacy. Ask your dental surgeon about a prescription to help w your anxiety. Medicaid is unlikely to cover general anesthesia for this procedure and the oral medication is a good substitute for many patients. Good luck.