Does kidney disease run in families?

May, depends. Many kidney diseases are inherited and many are not. However, out of of the ones who are not, many have inheritable risk factors like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Much could be done to control these conditions.
Certain types do. Not always but certain causes do, like fsgs (focal segmental glomerulosclerosis) and pckd (polycystic kidney disease), while other causes aren't.

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Could kidney disease run in my family?

Yes. There are certain kidney disease that run in families that you should be aware about. Some disease such as IgA nephropathy, adult cystic kidney disease and lupus run in families and can cause significant renal impairment.

22 yo f in good health experiencing mild pains on right lower rib cage. Pain in right back when running. Kidney disease or liver cancer likely?

Q 4 Physiatry, Sport. A healthy runner would be unlikely to have a major illness. Hence if I saw someone in my college town practice who was 22, I would refer her to orthopedic surgery or sports medicine clinic for initial evaluation. I would not drop things there, however. I would communicate with all of the consultants, look at ehrs, speak with the patient about changes and continue to refer to specialists as needed.
No. Based on your age these would be incredibly unlikley posibilities for your concern.

32y f possible kidney disease, current fracture in foot, freezing cold & later sweating. Feel run down, bad calf pain in leg with fracture. Advice?

See your doctor. Youre describing the symptoms of fevers and chills which could be coming from a kidney infection. You also describe a possible scenario for a blood clot in your leg. Get seen!
Ask your doctor. Many things going on here. Could be reflex sympathetic dystrophy which is an abnormal neurological reaction to trauma. Calf pain could possibly be phlebitis or a clot. Are you walking on foot? Consult your doctor immediately!
Bad calf pain. Needs to be evaluated for a clot. This is considered a medical emergency. It is plausible that due to foot fracture you may be irritating the leg or over utilizing or compensating, but, since you mention the calf pain is must be determined to be ok.