Do a lot of people get orchitis?

Testes infix. It is a common condition usually easily treated with a course of antibiotics.
Here are some ... Standing-alone orchitis as initial event is uncommon and may result infrequently from viral infection like mumps usually in childhood. Epididymitis is far more common resulting from the extension of bacterial UTI or STD-related urethritis; if it is not effectively treated, in time, the infection in epididymis will further extend to testis - orchitis. More detail? Ask Doc timely.

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Do lots of people get orchitis, or is it unusual?

Not common by itself. Mumps orchitis is probably best known form. Now fortunately rare due to childhood vaccinations. Epididymo-orchitis is not unusual and due to either bacteria traveling from the urinary tract, or due to a viral infection. Traumatic orchitis can also result from a blow or injury to the testes. Read more...