What are the most common symptoms of pterygium?

Pterygium sx. Pterygium: very common, abnormal growth of clear covering (conjunctiva) of white part of the eye (sclera) over the cornea (window of the eye). Redness, irritation, foreign body sensation, itchying sx: surgery can help. It is due to excess sun/UV exposure usually. Avoiding sun (sunglasses, hat) is best prevention; avoid smoking. Natural rx info: see eyedoc2020.blogspot.com.
Redness. The most common symptoms of a pterygium are redness, irritationa and a feeling that there is something inside the eye. If the pterygium is large enough, the vision can become affected. The symptoms of pterygium are related to the fact that it causes the eye surface to become uneven leading to dryness. See your eye doctor to determine the best ways of managing these symptoms.
Symptoms Are... Persistent redness sensation of a foreign body in the eye dry, itchy eyes.
Pterygium. Common symptoms of a pterygium are eye irritation, blurred vision, eye soreness, foreign body sensation, tearing, etc. Common signs are redness, cosmetic defect, corneal scarring, etc.
See in the mirror. Pterygium is a benign, but sometimes icky looking growth on either side of the colored part of the eye (cornea) felt to be an exaggerated response to wind, dust and sunlight. Some are minor, but some get quite red and a few grow sufficiently far over the cornea to threaten vision. Usually they do not cause any discomfort. See your ophthalmologist if you have a big one.
Eye irritation. As pterygia grow, they can cause surface irritation on the eye, usually treated with lubricant drops. If they are very bothersome, surgery can be performed to remove them.