Do symptoms like blood shot eyes go away quickly?

It depends. Bloodshot eyes caused by a subconjunctival hemorrhage can take up to 2 weeks or longer to go away. If the eye is pink (inflammation, allergy, infection), it may improve quickly with the appropriate treatment. A trip to the eye doctor can help sort out what is going on and how best to treat it.
Depends upon cause. It, of course, depends upon the cause of the hyperemia (blood shot eyes). If from lack of sleep or allergies, simple treatments like visine or murine allergy can do the trick very quickly. You may need stronger or prescription meds, so see an eye care specialist for continuing problems.

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How fast can I make my blood shot eyes go away?

Depends. Fatigue lowers the tear flow and causes some eye redness. As long as your vision is not affected or the eyes do not hurt or have pus in them, then you can wait a few days for it to clear. And get some relief from topical lubricant eyedrops. If persistent then see your ophthalmologist. You can use "get the red out drops" for photos or social reasons, but they are not a good idea all the time.
Depends on the cause. Blood shot eye, also called red eye is a non-specific term to describe an eye that appears red due to illness or injury, ranging from dry eyes, or allergies to much more serious things such as bacterial infections. If not too painful, nor traumatic and infrequent, I would recommend otc artificial tear lubricants 3-4x/day. If symptoms still persist or worsen, then see an ophthalmologist (eye md).

I quit taking seroquel (quetiapine) 100mg. For two days I was itching all over, blood shot eyes, extremely sensitive to light, what was causing these symptoms?

Adverse reaction. I know thatseroquel can cause your eyes to be dry because of tear production decrease. Ask prescribing doctor of any other med to replace sequel. Treat eyes with over the counter arificilal tear drops like refresh or systane.

Stuffy nose, mild cough, really sore throat, blood shot eyes that crust horribly over night. What could these symptoms mean?

Sounds like a cold. All these symptoms are pretty typical, of your run of the mill viral cold. If the symptoms last more than 7-10 days or are accompanied by high fever greater than 101, i'd talk to your doctor.