Do lots of people get liver cancer, or is it unusual?

Unusual in US Europe. Primary liver cancer is relatively unusual in most of the world unless the patient has chronic hepatitis b or c. In parts of asia, primary liver cancer is more common and may be related to other infections. Cancer from other sites that metastasizes to the liver (especially colon and lung) is relatively common.
Not that common. In the United States, primary liver cancer is not that common, but is very common in some other countries. In the US, cancers spread from other organs to the liver is more common. Primary cancers of the liver are often associated with cirrhosis or chronic hepatitis.
Common worldwide. Liver cancer in men is the 5th most frequently diagnosed cancer worldwide, and is the 2nd leading cause of cancer-related death in the world. In the United States, liver cancer is not very common, however the incidence increases along with the increase incidence of hep b and c infection. Also related to choric cirrhosis due to alcohol consumption and fatty liver disease.
Metastatic liver ca. Is common after any GI, lung or breast cancer. Primary liver cancer is not common in the USA, except in cirrhotics, chronic hepatitis B & C, and worldwide with aflatoxin exposure.